Staying Uplifted Into the Winter Season

Staying uplifted

It's frustrating.

Collectively, most of us have been in the house and trying to stay elevated while working, creating businesses, and healing all while staying safe. In our moments of quiet, make sure to give yourself time to uplift the self.

Though materialism and visibility seem more paraded and celebrated in this society, learning to be still and meditating to recharge can be more satisfying to the self then any man made accomplishment or accolade.

Taking this time in our heavy burnout culture to be introspective and just learn to be okay with being ourselves. Not the manufactured ego, but the true inner being. While winter is scheduled to be a long one, it will be a chance to reconnect with ourselves.

Taking a hard look at the self and being objectively honest with the changes that need to be done to create relaxation. Self-reflection is a real part of self-care, so I'm looking within.

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