Top 3 Ways to NOT Disturb Your Neighbors With Cannabis


According to Anthropologists, cannabis was used in some cultural rituals to promote health benefits for it’s users. While there are some modern studies attributing cannabis aromatherapy to improving migraines and alleviating stress, if you live in a apartment or condo complex it probably isn’t very neighborly (or relaxing) to experience unwarranted. Whether we love it or not, cannabis has a very pungent and recognizable odor. Want to enjoy cannabis without messing with your renting arrangement? Here are the top 3 ways to NOT disturbing your neighbors while enjoying cannabis.

Dry Herb Vapes

If you typically enjoy flower, this method might be the best fit for you. This method uses a portable or desktop vaporizer dedicated to flower material rather then concentrate or oil pods. The Arizer series or the Dynavap are great examples of traditional dry herb vaporizers. Don’t even get me started on portable vs desktop dry vapes, that’s for another article! These vapes offer a smooth and controlled high with the many options available for controlling temperature, customization options, and oven type for a very specific high profile to it’s user. The best part is that most vapes are very low on any smell, with most leaving a “popcorn” like smell in the immediate space briefly. If you are super worried about any smell, make sure to pair with a smoke buddy for added protection. You can either make one, or buy one online.

If you’re like me, I’m really interested in the science behind cannabis and it’s health benefits. Even if you’re not worried about odor, the popcorn smell of dry herb vapes offer a refreshing change to the combustion of traditional cannabis smoke. It also offers less risk of cancer and other lung alignments. Depending on the benefits you are looking for, dry herb vapes allow for a relaxing and multi-use high in the comfort of your own home. What other method let’s you easily make edibles afterwards with ABV (decarbed cannabis) material? Don’t let the excitement of joints, blunts, and bongs distract you from enjoying other methods of consumption.

Interested in learning how to make your own edibles? Let me know in the comments below!

Cartridges, Concentrates, and E-Pens

Modern cannabis consumption looks a lot different than the traditional consumption methods of rolling joints, spliffs, or blunts. With the expansion and continued interest in concentrates, low-smell options are also becoming the most potent cannabis products. A single gram of concentrate can sometimes last smokers longer than an eighth of flower.

Concentrates are a bit more complicated than flower, but not by much. A wax pen, like the Yocan Evolve, is a great beginner option for those looking to branch into the low-smell cannabis use. More experienced users opt for a dab rig. Essentially a small bong, the user heats a quartz or titanium nail/ banger with a butane torch, and drops the concentrate in to be vaporized. In terms of neighbors, the sound of a torch might be a little distributive. For those looking for a serious setup and avoiding the torch route, electric e-nails allow precisely controlled, on demand dabs with no sound.

For those with access to a legitimate dispensary, vape pens and cartridges are the peak of low smell and convenience. Consumers should be careful to only get cartridges from reliable, trusted sources. Street carts have been reported to have dangerous, carcinogenic additives. For those on the go or looking for no fuss options, a trusty cartridge with a good battery (we recommend the Palm battery for CCell cartrdiges) can keep your day elevated.

Edible, Sub-Lingual, and Topical Use

Outside of concentrates, there are more potent ways to utilize cannabis without disturbing your neighbors with the smell. Medical or recreational cannabis patients looking for relief without any smell might be more interested in edibles. In Illinois, the state only allows for a maximum of 100 mg per product. With prepackaged edibles, it is typically recommended that new users limit themselves to 5 – 25 mg per serving size. If your tolerance is higher, go for it but be responsible. It typically takes 30 minutes to an hour for the product to “kick in”. If you’ve seen the memes about edibles, they are all true. Don’t take more then you need!

Topically, cannabis can be used in bath salts, suppositories (anal and vaginal), cannabis lubrication, and lotions to provide a topical ingestion for pain relief or relaxation. Personally, cannabis lube has been one of the best methods of stealthy consumption that I could recommend. It allows for a pleasant and relaxing end to a date night with my husband without smoke, ash, and anxiety of smoking cannabis in close proximity to our neighbors. It’s also a lot of fun!

Outside of edibles and topicals, there are also sub-lingual cannabis products that offer a stealthy cannabis experience. These count as tinctures, oral/nasal sprays, and cannabis oils that begin taking effect within minutes. Budtenders typically recommend that RSO be a main part of your routine due to the long-term positive benefits thanks to its broad spectrum of cannabinoids. As far as neighbors or roommates, these methods allow the ultimate privacy in your cannabis routine. No smell, no sound with any of these methods save for one 😉 and we won’t tell if you don’t.

Happy Toking!

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