Who is Ogafropuff? Black Cannabis Marketing Professional

Our founder started the online identity of Ogafropuff (OG) that has morphed into a Chicago based Cannabis/CBD/Hemp Advocacy Brand for Women of Color. The brand is focused on de-stigmatizing and educating individuals on the medical benefits surrounding the cannabis plant and showcasing POC in an empowering and uplifting light. For the past 2 years, OG has worked within the cannabis industry to change attitudes and misconceptions surrounding medical cannabis use after seeing a gap in diversity and inclusion as a patient. The platform’s content openly talks about the benefits of CBD and Cannabis from the perspective of a Black Medical Cannabis Patient & commonalities surrounding that status. Using fun and informative videos and artistic smoke photography, the brand works to change the exploitative and lack of inclusion that is prevalent in cannabis marketing. Locally, the brand has been praised for it’s wholesome and positive cannabis content, showcasing the industry's unique and raw culture with a unique spin. 

Ogafropuff has worked directly with multiple cannabis and cbd brands to facilitate new product launch campaigns, giveaways, and direct educational courses targeted at medical patients, recreational users, and corporate professionals. Some notable collaborations include High!Canada Magazine, Chicagonorml, MAV Glass, Soul & Wellness, Forward Functions v.2, Indo Hy Organics, and MJArsenal. Ebonee currently works within the industry as the Director of a Cannabis Recruitment firm, teamleaf.io and recently became the owner of a Black Owned Hemp CBD pre-roll line set to launch in November 2020. 

Long term goals for the brand include expanding into directing and expanding the brand’s content into short movies and more artistic mediums to build and normalize attitudes surrounding the plant.

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